Reported Informations From Mondulkiri

Work-shop of Oral Health Promotions motivate to the teachers of primary school in Mondulkiri on 24-25 May, 2012 ➡M-Report 24th-25th May 2012.pdf

Promotion of oral health education in Mondulkiri on 24th to 27th April 2012➡Report Activity Promotion Oral Health Education in Mondulkiri Province On 24th.pdf

Announce of WHO Work Shop in Mondulkiri ➡English version of WHO CC WS.pdf

A Report of Happy Smile Festival in 28th December, 2012Happy Smile Festival Summary Home Page.pdf

Movie of Happy Smile Festival Part 2
28th November, 2013 at Mondulkiri province, Kingdom of Cambodia. “ Is Mondulkiri the last Shangri-la?”


WHO collaboration center in Japan joint JICA project on September, 2012 in Mondulkiri. Contents of this Work Shop see on the left in this page

Happy Smile Festival Part 1 was hold on 28th December, 2012

  • -Oral Health Promotion with enjoyable performance
  • -To prepare a lot of dental goods and gift for all residents

Happy Smile Festival Part 2 was hold on 28th November, 2013

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