Lao pdr

No dental nurse system

Lao PDR is only one country that no dental nurse sytem in South-East Asia.OISDE has been supported since 2006 for University of Health Sciences, Faculty of Dentistry. Lao PDR is very similar sprit on Japanese…peaceful, kindness, shy and reliability. On August 2012, OISDE starts new project that porpuses to cultivate and motivate for nurses and students of technical nursing school in Phone Hong district, Vientiane province.

Support program started on 2002 targeted institution

University of Health Sciences Lao PDR,Faculty of Dentistry

Ministry of Foreign Affair NGO Partnership Project “Cultivate Program for Specialist of Infection”

Master Course Research Programs support by Nihon University School Dentistry

Ministry of Foreign Affair NGO Partnership Project “Cultivate Dental Nurse System”