East timor

OISDE’s Support

OISDE support programs for East Timor had started on 2003

2004 to 2005 Japan Ministry of Foreign Affair NGO Partnership Project
2007 to 2008 JICA Grass-Root Technical Support Project


During implementing to East Timor, OISDE had been meet with a lot of troubls No function in governmental systems including Ministry of Health that a jurisdiction authority Frequent violence between different races after independence Poor infrastructures…road, water suply, electricity, security, accommodations, foods…
Poor social infrastructures…medical suply, preventive programs, health centers, vaccine…
Prevalence infectious diseases…malaria, dengue, diarrhea

A sad history

From 1974 to 1999

Unlowfull occupation by Indonesia


During this duration, over 70 percent natural woody in easten-half of Timor island destroyed by Chinese-Indonesian company


Sever deforestation in East Timor, produced very bad environment problems including water, plantation, sae, fishing and so on…

Santa cruz massacre

11th November,1991 in dill, Indonesian police indiscriminate fire for demonstrators who cry independence. And over 400 citizens were killed…